Zhongshan Hospital

Zhongshan_ViewZhongshan Hospital is a comprehensive teaching hospital affiliated with Fudan University. Founded in 1937, with an area of 96,500 square meters and 2,005 registered beds, the hospital treats more than 4,800,000 outpatients and 180,000 inpatients, and it carries out more than 130,000 operations annually. The average hospital stay for inpatients is less than 6 days.

Since its establishment, three academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and two academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering have worked at Zhongshan Hospital. With world-class clinicians and achievements, cardiovascular disease and liver cancer are the two most prominent disciplines. The hospital also has various outstanding national- or municipal-approved disciplines and specialties. Since 2007, more than 80 research projects of the hospital have been funded by the National Science and Technology Major Project, and more than 900 research projects have been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation. Our physicians and researchers published 671 papers indexed by SCI in 2020 alone and have been issued more than 400 patents since 2009. In recognition of its research excellence, Zhongshan Hospital will soon run the Shanghai International Medical Science and Innovation Center.