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Ophthalmology Technician

Defense Health Agency
Fort Riley, Kansas
Posted Date
Feb 10, 2024

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Opthalmology Technician, Irwin AMC Ft Riley, KS

Irwin Army Community Hospital (IACH) at Ft Riley is uniquely located in the rolling Flint Hills region of Northeast Kansas. Nestled between Junction City (pop. 25,000) and Manhattan (pop. 57,000), the local area has an abundance of outdoor activities where you with unlimited opportunities to fish, hike, swim, and explore!

Enjoy BigXII college sports and entertainment at Kansas State University in Manhattan; as well as a thriving night life. Experience travel simplified at the Manhattan Regional Airport or international travel through Kansas City International Airport. Manhattan has been recognized on the following for its quality of life:

. #3 on a list of Best Small Places for Business and Careers (Forbes)
. Top 10 Places to Retire (Money Magazine)
. Top 50 College Towns in America (Best College Reviews)
. Top 10 Best Places to Retire Young (CNN Money)
. Top 100 Places to Live in America (Livability)

Join #TeamIACH, your home in the Flint Hills; making Fort Riley the best place in the Army for Soldiers to live, train, deploy from, and come home to.

Our civilian team members are eligible for full federal benefits packages which include:
  • 401k (TSP, 5% match)
  • Retirement pension (FERS, five years to be vested)
  • Health, life, long-term, vision, and dental insurance for the employee and family members
  • Competitive pay, regular cost of living and time in service base salary increases.
  • Performance awards
  • Paid on-the-job training and developmental opportunities
  • Ten paid federal holidays, ample vacation days, separate sick leave that does not expire
  • Recruitment and retention incentives
  • Paid relocation costs
  • Free parking at work
  • USO Airport Lounge Access
  • Access to MWR services and activities which include childcare options
  • Military service buy-back eligibility

Working for the Department of Defense comes with an abundance of benefits and perks to include competitive compensation packages, paid-time off, medical benefits, student loan repayments, and retirement package with Thrift Savings Plan to include matching employer contributions. For more information, please visit the following link:



1. Coordinates with the operating room and/or Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU) personnel for the appropriate setup of lighting, equipment, instruments, window coverings, and all other preliminaries for surgery. Ensures that appropriate intraocular lenses and proper medications have been ordered in advance when needed. Ensures the sterility and appropriate function of all equipment and supplies before surgery. Under the direction of the surgeon, ensures setup of all solutions, medications, and the local anesthesia mixtures by the operating room staff. Reports to the surgeon any instances of failure to complete preoperative procedures by the operating room staff. Completes all incident report forms regarding these failures and submits them to the surgeon for review and endorsement. Serves as first surgical assistant and as scrub assistant to the surgeon in major and minor surgical procedures. As scrub assistant, hands instruments and supplies to the surgeon during the operative procedure, both intuitively by previous experience and by direction of the surgeon, placing instruments and supplies in his hands in such a manner as to preclude necessity for his removal of attention from the operative field. Promptly and accurately executes the surgeons' directions. Stays alert for complications arising during the course of the operative procedure. As first surgical assistant, actively engages in the manipulation of tissues with the proper instruments, both intuitively by previous experience and by direction of the surgeon, so as to facilitate the successful completion of the given procedure. During the operative procedure, is responsible for the setup of equipment used for cataract extraction, vitreous cutting and aspiration, retinal diathermy and cryopexy, tissue cuttery, and any other intraoperative equipment setups as directed by the surgeon. Disposes of contaminated supplies and equipment. Ensures completion of all incident report forms and ensures review/endorsement by the surgeon. Submits endorsed forms for Quality Assurance Review. Completes and submits request for work orders on all malfunctioning equipment to the clinic NCOIC for coordination with the operating room staff. Submits requests for repairs/replacement of all damaged or malfunctioning surgical instruments to the Ophthalmology Clinic NCOIC.

2. Screening and Triage: Obtains and records patients' ophthalmic complaints and symptoms on clinic record where it is readily available to the doctor. Records visual acuity, current lens prescription, past medical history, past ophthalmic history, family medical history, allergy history, and additional medical information as appropriate. Triages patient complaints, directing urgent or emergent cases to the physicians' attention. Performs non-contact and applanation tonometry and Refractometry as required. Inserting and removing bandage contact lenses as needed. Instructing patients in proper contact lens insertion and removal as needed. Assists ophthalmologist during treatment of patients by performing such tasks as administering appropriate medication, changing dressings, and removing sutures. Performs setup of patient, instrument, and equipment using sterile technique as appropriate. Prepares consent form under physician supervision. Assists physician during minor surgery by performing such tasks as holding and handling instruments, performing retraction, holding and cutting sutures and keeping the cornea moist with sterile saline. Disposes of contaminated supplies and instruments post-operatively. Assists in the post-operative instruction of the patient under surgeon's supervision. (1) Ultrasonography: Sets up ophthalmic ultrasound equipment for diagnostic use by the physician and perform routine cleaning of the ultrasound probes. Performs A-scan measurements and intraocular lens power calculations as directed by the surgeon. (2) Laser Surgery (Yag & SLT): Administers pre-laser medications under the direction of the surgeon. Prepares consent forms under physician supervision. Ensures proper setup and operation of the laser equipment. (3) Fluorescein Angiography: Positions and instructs the patient prior to the procedure. Completes consent form under the direction of the surgeon. Prepares and administers IV medications under physician supervision. Prepares camera with correct film, filters and exposure. Responsible for timely delivery for development. Informs NCOIC of film supply needs.
(4) Retinal Topagraphy: Position and instruct the patient prior to procedure. Place all data into instrument. Position auxiliary lenses if needed. Operate instrument properly. Correctly map out patients optic nerve. (5) Orb Scan: Position and instruct the patient prior to procedure. Place all data into instrument. Position auxiliary lenses if needed. Operate instrument properly. External and Internal Ophthalmic Photography: Instructs and positions patient. Completes requested external and internal ophthalmic photography independently. Delivers film for timely development. Informs NCOIC of film supply needs. Visual Fields: Independently performs tangent screen Goldmann and Humphrey visual fields as requested. Positions and instructs patient regarding each type of visual field test. Selects the appropriate diagnostic fields target size and testing programs. Properly places correct lenses in the instrument during the procedures. Forwards test results to requesting physician. Ancillary Tests: Performs Worth 4 dot test and the Lancaster Red-Green test. Performs stereo acuity testing. Performs color vision testing. Performs contrast sensitivity testing.

3. Provides instruction and technical guidance to ancillary health care personnel such as reservists, technicians, and 91Y students. Trains them in the duties of the ophthalmic technician as outlined in this job description.

4. Maintains medication and medical supplies in each clinic exam room. Orders medication and medical supply shortages as they occur with a minimum weekly update. Cleans and organizes exam room equipment, medications and medical supplies on a weekly basis. Informs NCOIC of any noted equipment malfunction. Performs in the preoperative evaluation of surgical patients, to include diagnostic tests used to evaluate patient's preoperative services. Sets up the operating room; drapes patients for surgery; provides appropriate equipment and instruments for ophthalmic surgery cases, and provides a sterile environment for surgery. For laser procedures, ensures the laser machine is prepared properly for the procedure, and assists the surgeon in operating the laser. Serves as a member of the surgery team when performing eye surgery as directed by the surgeon. Responsible for the cares of instruments including sterile technique and case set-up. Certified on the use and operation of the Nidek Eximer laser, and knowledge of the Hansatome and Amadeus microkeratome. Provides intra-operative support to the surgeon as a scrub and surgical technician. In addition to acting as a scrub technician, the technician must also assist the surgeon during the operative procedure, and must have an understanding of the anatomy of the eye as well as surgical procedures. The technician manages the equipment and instruments being used by the surgeon are cleaned and adjusted as necessary to assure they are in optimum condition for use by the surgeon. Stays alert for complications arising during the course of the operative procedure. As surgical technician, actively engages in the manipulation of tissues with the proper instruments, both intuitively by previous experience and by direction of the surgeon, so as to facilitate the successful completion of the given procedure. During the operative procedure, is responsible for the setup of equipment used for refractive surgery and any other intraoperative equipment setups as directed by the surgeon. Provides postoperative support by disposing of all contaminated supplies, ensuring instruments are sterilized, and stored appropriately for their next use. Technician is responsible for forwarding all damaged or broken equipment or instruments for servicing or replacement, and completing incident reports as required, which will be reviewed and signed by surgeon. The technician changes eye dressings and instructs the patient in home care. Technician provides briefing to all patients have having the corrective eye surgery regarding what to expect during and after the procedure. Their postoperative care and medication instructions. Answers any questions regarding their procedure and/or their profile. Prepares profiles and after care instructions for patients. Coordinate both preoperative and postoperative appointments for all candidates requesting corrective eye surgery. Order all patient medications, as directed by the surgeon, prior to their scheduled surgery. Pick the medications of from the pharmacy and properly store and secure them until released and signed for by the patient. Destroys medications per pharmacy instructions when a patient fails to keep their appointment for surgery. Schedules patients in appropriate length appointments to perform the necessary diagnostic tests and maintaining files of pertinent test results, even as recording information in the Medical Record. Coordinates pre- and post-operative care for patients. Schedules necessary postoperative appointments. Attends patients by telephone and documents as appropriate in accordance with Medical Treatment Facility protocols. Fax all operative reports to the given location to ensure that they are placed in the patients' electronic medical record.

Perform Other Duties As Assigned

Performs other duties as assigned.


Basic Requirements:

US Citizenship required

Position requires one year of experience as an Opthalmology Technician at the time of application.



At the Defense Health Agency you can practice at locations across the U.S. and around the world, but most importantly, you'll get the work-life balance you have always wanted with the benefits you deserve.

Practice alongside other highly-skilled civilian and military healthcare professionals and enjoy the unique career opportunities and employment benefits that can be found with the Defense Health Agency.


There are a lot of reasons you became a physician, but none of them included inflexible work schedules, burdensome administrative tasks, and dealing with insurance companies. By offering you exceptional employment benefits as well as the opportunity to practice at locations across the U.S. and around the world, DHA delivers you the work-life balance you have always been missing.


The civilian physicians of the Defense Health Agency meet the healthcare needs of active duty and retired military personnel, and their families, at treatment facilities across the U.S. and around the world.

DHA employees are NOT subject to military requirements such as "boot camp," enlistments, or deployments. Department of Defense is an equal opportunity employer.


  • 350+ Locations Worldwide
  • 5 Million+ Under Our Care
  • Excellent Staffing Ratios
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities
  • Patient-Focused Care


  • Competitive Salary
  • Generous Paid Time Off
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Recruitment Bonuses
  • Job Security
  • Supportive Work Environment
  • Student Loan Repayment


With job openings at more than 350 military medical facilities all across the U.S. and around the world, DHA offers you the chance to practice where you want.


  • Family Medicine
  • Internists
  • Pediatricians
  • Obstetricians & Gynecologists
  • Surgeons
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Pathologists
  • Neurologists
  • Allergists & Immunologists
  • Hospitalists
  • Urologists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Dermatologists
  • Physical Medicine
  • Preventive Medicine Physicians
  • Radiologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Internal Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine

           AND MORE.





  • Promote, sustain, and enhance the health of our armed forces, veterans, and their families.
  • Train, develop, and equip a medical force that supports full spectrum operations.
  • Deliver leading-edge healthcare to our warriors and military families to optimize outcomes.
Company info
3130 General Hudnell Drive
San Antonio
United States

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