“Qiushi” Distinguished Scholar (including Professor and Physician roles), China

China (CN)
Oct 26, 2023
Position Type

“Qiushi” Distinguished Scholar (including Professor and Physician roles)


  • Doctoral Degree, with full professorship (or equivalent title) at a prominent university (for "Qiushi" Distinguished Physician, both professor and chief physician titles are generally required).
  • Recognized academic achievements in the field of study and the potential to guide the discipline to match or exceed the international advanced level.
  • Strong teamwork spirit and organizational leadership abilities.


At SRRSH, we foster a safe, inclusive, and respectful work environment, free from discrimination and harassment. We offer:

  • Negotiable competitive salary and welfare benefits, based on individual needs.
  • Teachers’ apartments available for rent; eligibility to purchase welfare apartments if the successful applicants meet ZJU's requirements.
  • Start-up funds negotiable based on actual demands.
  • Well-equipped office environment and laboratory space.
  • Guaranteed number of doctoral students to supervise annually, with support for postdoctoral recruitment.
  • Assistance with school enrollment for children, spousal job placement, and residence permits for foreigners.

Position Type: Full-Time

Organization Type: Hospital

Job Type: Professor, Clinician

Required Documents:

Applications will be reviewed upon receipt.

  • Resume detailing the continuous study and work experience, from undergraduate study to present, listing published papers, achievements in major teaching and research activities, research projects undertaken, patents, awards, etc.
  • Three representative works.
  • A proposed work plan and research proposal.


Tel: +86-571-86006663

E-mail: job@srrsh.com

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