Staff Physician, Neurologist with fellowship in Neuro-Oncology

Abu Dhabi
Oct 05, 2022
Position Type

This is a physician position for a clinical neurologist with fellowship in neuro-oncology and is responsible for applying medical knowledge and skills to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of illnesses for patients within the Neurosciences - Neurology specialty at CCAD. This position treats patients directly and/or may make referrals to different members of the health care professional team at CCAD.

  • Monitors and provides care to patients at CCAD within the Neurosciences - Neurology specialty
  • Prescribes or administers medication, therapy and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease or injury
  • Analyzes records, reports and test results to diagnose patients medical condition
  • Interacts with patient to gather additional history and information about medical condition
  • Explains procedures and discusses test results or prescribed treatments with patient
  • Provides specific treatments and/or performs operations to treat patient medical conditions, as appropriate
  • Evaluates patient and records applicable notes about patients condition for purposes of serving as a record of treatment and/or making a possible referral to another member of the health care medical staff team
  • Liaisons with other medical and non-medical staff at CCAD to ensure quality patient treatment
  • Supplies and provides care in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner
  • Follows ethical and regulatory guidelines
  • Takes part in administrative functions that ensure the continued operations of the clinical environment, such as committees, task forces and performance improvement measures
  • Provide hospital on-call in patient coverage as deemed necessary
  • Adheres to individual approved clinical privileges, as well as to all policies and procedures of the Medical Staff