Pediatric Nephrologist

Anchorage, Alaska
Aug 30, 2022
Position Type

Summary of Job Responsibilities:

The Southcentral Foundation (SCF) Physician is responsible for providing direct clinical customer care and works with other clinical staff to establish medical protocols and treatment regimens.

Outline of Essential Job Responsibilities/Functions to Include but Not Limited to:

Customer Care and Relationships:

  1. Creates, develops, and nurtures culturally appropriate interactions and connections with each other, customer-owners, and the community. Delivers care that fully supports the optimization of customer ownership of health-related issues and therapeutic, enduring relationships between providers and customers:
  2. Obtains complete and accurate information in a courteous and respectful manner in order to determine an appropriate treatment plan.
  3. Sets the expectation with the customer-owner by listening and addressing those concerns.
  4. Identifies appropriate courses of action that reflect the customer-owner’s values, beliefs, and health goals.
  5. Advises customer-owners and their family members using methods that facilitate a capacity for self-care and lead to the development of effective health partnerships.
  6. Applies customer service guidelines appropriate for the situation. Maintains a safe and clean work environment. Responds appropriately to equipment failures and all emergency events to ensure safety of all internal and external customers.

Communications and Teamwork:

  1. Shares and receives information, opinions, concerns, and feedback in a supportive manner. Works collaboratively by building bridges and creating rapport with team members within departments and across the organization. Communicates effectively and in a manner that enhances customer relationships, builds relationships with staff, and contributes to a supportive work environment:
  2. Provides clear and concise verbal and written instructions to customer-owners and ensures understanding by listening and asking for feedback.
  3. Writes clinical documentation that is complete, concise, and legible in order to provide adequate information for other health care providers and staff.
  4. Consults and coordinates with other clinical staff working in other departments and in other locations including rural Alaskan locations. Works in coordination with the customer-owner and other clinical staff to develop appropriate treatment plans:
  5. Coordinates and works with other team members to ensure the efficient and effective flow of customer-owner through the department.
  6. Participates in unit or department-based committees (QI, QA, Customer Service, etc.).

Improvement and Innovation:

  1. Makes meaningful improvement to services, program, and processes and/or organizational effectiveness that creates new value for customer-owners and employees. Aligns individual efforts with the goals of the quality project teams and department management to meet improvement, regulatory, and accreditation requirements:
  2. Monitors quality of care delivered utilizing appropriate review methods (i.e., chart reviews, customer service data, outcome data, etc.).
  3. Abides by policies, procedures, and bylaws.
  4. Builds knowledge of improvement methodologies and tools by attending improvement workshops and classes.

Workforce Development Skills and Abilities:

  1. Seeks out additional learning opportunities to continue to develop the technical and professional skills needed now and in the future.
  2. Takes responsibility for all work activities and personal actions by following through on commitments.
  3. Applies knowledge of the Privacy Act of 1974 and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) to ensure the privacy of individuals is protected to the fullest.
  4. Participates in fulfilling the mission, vision, goals, and objectives of the organization.
  5. Meets and maintains licensing, credentialing, and certification requirements.
  6. Provides care that fully meets professional standards of care and all statutory requirements.
  7. Utilizes clinical guidelines and other resources appropriately.
  8. Performs care and procedures efficiently and effectively minimizing discomfort to the customer-owner.
  9. Exercises appropriate clinical judgment in the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions.
  10. Works in support of all licensing, credentialing, regulatory, Federal, and State practice requirements, i.e. Alaska State Medical Statutes and Regulations, National Customer-Owner Safety Goals, Joint Commission, CLIA, HIPAA, OSHA, DEA, etc.
  11. Manages multiple clinical tasks effectively.
  12. Educates and coordinates with other health care professionals.
  13. Uses above average communication and interpersonal skills.
  14. Proficiency in the use of appropriate computer software and hardware.
  15. Performs job with minimum supervision.
  16. Works in a multi-disciplinary team, ensuring that other departments are included in the health care plan.
  17. Maintains quality, safety, and infection control standards.


SCF programs are established to serve a primary population comprised of Alaska Native people who are affiliated with Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI) and Alaska Native and American Indian people within SCF’s geographical service area. Employees should have a thorough understanding of the cultures and the needs of this population. Such knowledge is critical to ensure the achievement of SCF’s vision of a Native Community that enjoys physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, and mission of working together with the Native Community to achieve wellness through health and related services:

  1. MD or DO degree required.
  2. Licensed as a Physician in the State of Alaska.
  3. Current American Board certification specialty appropriate for the service.
  4. Meets all requirements in order to obtain associate medical staff membership and required privileges of service. Basic Life Support (BLS) certification is required. ACLS, NRP, ATLS, ALSO, and PALS as required for specialty and any certification relating to the scope of practice as required.

Employee Health Requirements:

Compliance with our Employee Health Procedure is a condition of SCF employment. You are required to agree that you will comply with all job-related employee health screening and immunizations prior to your first day of employment. Jobs designated as a Health Care Personnel (HCP) position, requires that you have documentation that you have completed the following immunizations prior to your first day of employment: MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella, Varicella (Chicken Pox), Hepatitis B, Influenza, T-dap (Tetanus - Diphtheria - Pertussis), and COVID-19 vaccination is required.

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