Staff Physician, Breast Radiologist

May 25, 2021
Position Type
This is a physician position and is responsible for applying medical knowledge and skills to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of
illnesses for patients within the Imaging - Breast Radiology specialty at CCAD. This position treats patients directly and/or may make
referrals to different members of the health care professional team at CCAD.

? Monitors and provides care to patients at CCAD within the Imaging - Breast Radiology specialty
? The physician is the responsible party for the quality and safety of each procedure, and for determining the technical protocol for each
procedure, aiming to achieve the ALARA principle of radiation exposure to the patient and caregivers (AS LOW AS REASONABLY
ACHIEVABLE), as detailed in the policy and procedure document (SOP Number: IMG_SOP_205) titled Duties and Responsibilities for
Physicians Practicing at CCAD around Radiology Safety, and in the Imaging Institute operating manual.
? Prescribes or administers medication, therapy and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease or injury
? Analyzes records, reports and test results to diagnose patients medical condition
? Interacts with patient to gather additional history and information about medical condition
? Explains procedures and discusses test results or prescribed treatments with patient
? Provides specific treatments and/or performs operations to treat patient medical conditions, as appropriate
? Evaluates patient and records applicable notes about patients condition for purposes of serving as a record of treatment and/or making
a possible referral to another member of the health care medical staff team
? Liaisons with other medical and non-medical staff at CCAD to ensure quality patient treatment
? Supplies and provides care in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner
? Follows ethical and regulatory guidelines
? Takes part in administrative functions that ensure the continued operations of the clinical environment, such as committees, task forces
and performance improvement measures
? Adheres to individual approved clinical privileges, as well as to all policies and procedures of the Medical Staff

? For Physicians from Tier 1 countries, not less than (3) years additional experience post qualification
? Must hold a valid License/ Registration to practice in their home country and/or country of last employment (where applicable)
? Should meet the Maintenance of Certification requirements (where applicable)
? Demonstrated ability to effectively manage a team of health care professionals
? All physicians working with radiation devices or radioactive materials should strictly adhere to the FANR regulations and local policy and
procedures. They are responsible for maintaining awareness and adhering to applicable requirements of end practices established
radiation safety standards.
? Should pass radiation safety training and exam given initially for new Caregivers and then annually to be able to use radiation devices or
handle radioactive materials. Additional training and exam on dosimetry is provided prior to using Radiation monitoring badges.
? Must hold a valid be license by DoH for use of radiation devices or radioactive materials. If physician fail to comply with regulations, their
privileges to use radiation devices or radioactive materials will be reviewed and if needed revoked by the radiation safety committee. The
reviews and actions will be documented and saved in the radiation safety committee records.
? All physicians working with radiation should go through application training provided by the vendor of the radiation producing machines
prior to operation.
? Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with patients and staff
? Ability to speak and write in English is required
? Ability to speak and write in both English and Arabic is preferred

American Board of Medical Specialties

Typical physical demands include a moderate degree of dexterity to produce materials on a computer and mobility sufficient to attend
meetings in clinical departments throughout CCAD.

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