Part Time Medical Director

Fort Worth, Texas
Oct 23, 2020
Position Type

Crossroads Treatment Centers
Fort Worth, TX
Permanent, Part-Time

*competitive pay*


Crossroads Treatment Centers is seeking a part-time Medical Director to work in our facility located in our Fort Worth, TX Center. This position is responsible for the efficient and effective medical services provided to patients according to the Policies & Procedures. Conducts patient's medical history and physical examinations. Medical monitoring of patients in all phases of treatment as required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Be responsible for all dose adjustments including (but not limited to) approval/denial of dose increases or decreases, take-home medication, and changes to medication type. Document, sign, and/or countersign all medical orders (written and verbal
  • Be responsible for assuring that information is communicated to patients, as required, related to their medication and communicable diseases
  • oversee/supervise clinical dosing staff to ensure compliance with all applicable standards
  • Oversee/supervise program staff responsible for medication preparation and administration of treatment medication
  • Be responsible for assuring program compliance with Policies, Procedures, and applicable regulations
  • Evaluate and issue determinations regarding patient eligibility for take-home medication, program admission, and continued treatment
  • Conduct quality assurance reviews and issue reports to the Management Authority as required


  • Medical Degree from accredited college/university
  • Licensed by the State Medical Board
  • Must be Board certified in Addiction Medicine


Crossroads Treatment Centers was founded on May 5, 2005 to serve a patient population battling with opioid addiction. Since its founding, we have been a physician led healthcare organization. The company has grown rapidly and now includes 90+ treatment centers in 10 states. Each member of the Crossroads team specializes in an area that supports the recovery of over 25,000 patients, monthly. Crossroads' clinical staff includes physicians, pharmacists, counselors, nurses, and other service coordinators. Along with medication management, our staff works closely with each patient to create an individualized treatment plan aimed at building recovery and relapse prevention skills.