Duke - Director of Audiology

Duke Health
Durham, North Carolina
Apr 06, 2019
Position Type
Duke Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences is seeking a dynamic and accomplished individual to lead a high impact Audiology program at Duke University Health System.

The Director of Audiology is responsible for leading the formulation and implementation of a plan for strategic growth of the Duke Audiology program, in collaboration and partnership with the Co-Chief and the Medical Director of Speech Pathology and Audiology of Duke Hospital, and the Chief and faculty of the Division of Head and Neck Surgery and Communication Sciences. The Director will work to ensure the operational efficiency and coordination of audiology services across the health system, including non-audiology/otolaryngology practice sites. The successful candidate will have strong research skills and a portfolio of funded or previously funded projects. The Director is expected to have administrative experience or other demonstration of leadership ability, with a skill-set to manage peers, direct reports and higher-level leadership. The Director should possess a basic knowledge of budgets and fiscal accountability so that program budgets can be managed in a sound and responsible manner, in concert with administrative staff.

The Director of Audiology will closely collaborate with the Medical Director of Communication Sciences and the Director of Speech and Language Pathology in strategic planning and management of world-class clinical, research and education programs. The Director's primary duties will include, but will not be limited to:

Strategic Planning:

Determine methods to improve the value of care and services provided at Duke Health. Develop and implement new programs and services, which align with the strategic goals of the organization. Interface with multiple locations and missions to plan and foster Audiology services, research and education across Duke Health.

Human Resource Management:

Lead the hiring and performance evaluation of Audiologists at all locations in the medical center. Maintain quality of personnel and standards for recruitment, retention, and productivity measures. Engage staff through professional development, continuing education, and research opportunities.

Financial Management:

Provide financial accountability for revenues and expenses. Research and develop opportunities for revenue improvement for all services. Assist in the monitoring of inventory for the department and review service/maintenance contracts.

Professional and Community Activities:

Represent Audiology through attendance and active participation at faculty meetings and other management meetings. Actively participate in national and state professional organizations and look to serve and interface with the community.

Research and Teaching:

The successful candidate will have significant research activities and scholarly publications and will be expected to lead an externally funded Audiology research program that leverages other academic and clinical expertise in Head and Neck Surgery and Communication Sciences and Duke at large. He/she will provide and direct educational lectures across the medical center including residents, faculty and staff and will also provide educational content to community groups as well as local and national professional groups. She/he will work with audiology residents to foster development of clinical and academic skills.

Clinical Service:
  • The candidate will also provide audiological services in a busy clinical outpatient setting and also be capable of leading or developing a clinical subspecialty program while performing complex diagnostic evaluations and acting as a support and clinical reference to other audiology colleagues.

  • Minimum of 5 years' experience as a clinical audiologist is required
  • Terminal degree in Audiology, preferably a PhD, and significant research, clinical, and administrative experience
  • The Director qualifies for a faculty position at the Assistant or Associate Professor level based on Academic productivity included funded research. Initially, non-tenured but could lead to a tenured appointment depending on research funding, productivity and national reputation.
  • The candidate must have completed the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) or ABA Certificate of Clinical Competence
  • The candidate must hold or be able to obtain a North Carolina License for Audiology

Effort Allocation:

It is expected that this appointment will include at least a 25% effort in direct clinical contact with patients and staff audiologists. It is important that the Director be seen as accessible to staff who look for leadership in the clinical setting. It is also expected that an Audiology Program Director of Clinical Operations and Senior Audiologists at all practice sites will report to the Director of Audiology, to assist with scheduling, other day to day management, and assist with strategic planning and coordination of services.

Roughly 25% effort is allocated for administrative duties and clinical strategic planning, with the balance of time (50%) spent in research. Research efforts should be externally funded within 3-5 years, either as the PI or co-I; funding as the PI is expected within 5 years, with further funding to sustain a life-long career as a funded academic clinician investigator. Clinical research, including health services research, is a strength of our program, and such an interest and funding portfolio on the part of the Director would create a mutually supported research program.

The Director of Audiology should be able to lead a program that adheres to the following tenets of the Duke Division of Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences:


The vision of Duke Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences is to be a global leader in promoting healthier connections with the world.

  • Care for patients, their loved ones, and each other
  • Advance and share knowledge about ear, nose and throat related diseases and communication disorders
  • Promote virtuous professional development, collaboration, and leadership