Hospitalist opening in homely town of southern MO

Dec 30, 2016
Position Type
Locum Tenens

 A facility in a homely town in southern MO has an urgent Hospitalist locums need on the following dates:

Sept. 12 - days  (one day only)

Sept. 19 - 26 days

Oct. 1 - 2 days

Oct. 1 - 9 days

Oct. 17 - 23 days

Nov. 12 - 20 days

Nov. 26 - Dec. 4 days

Nov. 28 - Dec. 4 days

Dec. 12 - 15 days

Just a reminder, we have a 12-bed open ICU.  Physicians must be comfortable with vents and procedures.

 Here’s a detailed description:

 •             Three hospitalists will work during the day 7 am - 7 pm.  One nocturnist works 7 pm - 7 am. 

•             114-bed Hospital.  This includes beds from OB and Neuro Psych Unit which hospitalists only see patients there if consulted.  Therefore Hospitalists routinely cover 65 beds. 

•             Average census per physician is 15 - 20.

•             Average total admissions per 24 hours: 10-15.

•             Currently, there are 3 physicians working per day 7a-7p. One physician on nights 7p-7a.Each physician starts out with a set number of patients who they round and take call on during their shift (12 hours). In addition two of the 3 physicians on per day alternate admissions. Basically every 3rd day you are not on call for admissions, you round on your patients only. Many physicians do try and leave a little early during the day they are not admitting. Physician will still need to be close in case they need to respond to one of their patients (less than 20 minutes). Physicians do leave for lunch even on days they are admitting if time permits.

•             12 bed ICU.  ICU skills are important as Hospitalists do cover the ICU.  (i.e. Vent management, Central lines.