Digital Age

  • The interview has become a new world, for now, with the pandemic, and both prospective employers and physician candidates are adjusting

  • In conjunction with Medstro, we’ve curated physicians with special career expertise and experience for the NEJM CareerCenter Conversations series.

  • The ever-changing digital environment makes it possible for physicians seeking a practice opportunity to quickly identify open positions and define their search to include specific criteria such as region, employment model, practice setting, and subspecialty expertise.

  • As telemedicine sites and networks grow, so do novel practice opportunities for physicians in both rural and urban areas

  • Digital technology has been a boon in expediting communication for both physicians seeking a practice opportunity and recruiters making connections with candidates. Even though it’s tempting today to dash off an inquiry or response in a matter of seconds, physicians should slow down, craft an intelligible message and, ideally, give it a second review and count to 10 before pushing the send button.

  • As usage grows among doctors, benefits, challenges, and liability concerns are emerging.