Medical Director Needed in San Diego, California

Oct 19, 2016
Position Type
Medical Director needed in San Diego, CA area

Position Description - Medical Director
  • Mountain Health is seeking a Medical Director for its four health care centers
  • There will be both administrative and clinical duties
  • Medical Director will provide oversight of all medical care at each of Mountain Health's health center locations and for the quality of services rendered
  • Recruits and provides leadership to all health center providers
  • Work as an integral part of the executive management team
  • Establish, strengthen and negotiate relationships between the health center and other providers/health care organizations
  • Monitor and improve the quality of care and medical protocols
  • Physicians, Mid-levels, BH providers and all other Specialty Providers will be direct reports to Medical Director
  • Will report to the Chief Operations Officer
  • Medical Director will have 16 hours of administrative time each week to work on administrative duties and attend standing meetings, including but not in total, Utilization Review, Quality Assurance, Medical Protocol development, participate in the recruitment of qualified licensed providers, monitors and assists with new-hire orientation processes, oversee quality improvement program and peer review
  • Medical Director will be responsible for establishing systems of accountability for all providers-productivity benchmarks, performance measures. 'Responsible for working with the QU coordinator to respond to any health plan patient grievances, etc
  • Will support physician education and training. 'Work with COO to ensure that all sites are open and provide quality access to care at all times
  • Understand the Mountain Health mission and standards of excellence in patient satisfaction
  • Medical Director will provide 24 hours per week of clinical service at our health center locations
  • Productivity will meet expectations of 24-25 patient visits per each working day and 12.5 for 1/2 day
  • Adherence to protocols, patient satisfaction, cost-effective care, timely chart completion (within 72 hours), appropriate diagnostic testing, supervision of mid-levels
  • Provides consultation to clinical staff including other providers
  • Meets Meaningful Use, ACA requirements and PCMH Standards which includes patient plans, patient education and participates in team huddles as outlined in regulation and policy
  • Works with Site Supervisors and Director of Operations to ensure coordination of activities of nurses, students, assistants, specialists, therapists and other medical staff while on duty as'the physician in the health center
  • Physicians will be involved in evaluation of all clinical staff
  • Providers are expected to fill in at any Mountain Health site based on Health Center needs, will attend Health Plan meetings as assigned to keep Health Center in compliance, attend monthly provider meetings arranged by CMO, offer suggestions for clinic improvement and expansion, attend in-services and general staff meetings and as appropriate, participate in research projects and teaching programs
  • Participates in review of policies, protocols, objectives, and operating procedures to Health Center and Community Center personnel.
  • Participates in the recruitment, hiring and retention of responsibility of all direct report staff with HR
Candidate Description
  • Minimum of three years practice within specialty
  • One year minimum of supervisory responsibility and/or experience in a community oriented medical practice
  • Ability to be licensed in the state of California is required
  • Continuous quality improvement (CQI) experience including data analytics including Meaningful Use (MU) benchmarks and standards
  • Ability to contribute to the success of the organization by participating in quality improvement activities
  • Ability to be part of a team and cooperate in accomplishing department goals and objectives
  • Must desire a long-term commitment offering stability
  • Excellent communication skills in order to effectively communicate with patients, families, and physicians
Since 1977, Mountain Health, a non-profit organization, has provided high quality, comprehensive compassionate primary health care to the people in our communities regardless of their ability to pay. We serve these communities and adjoining regions with respect, dignity and cultural sensitivity as a medical home and safety net for essential health care and social services. Mountain Health provides a full array of community and social services through Mountain Empire Community Center and school based primary care and behavioral health sites on the campuses of Mountain Empire Junior/Senior High School, and Potrero Elementary School.

There are several locations including:
  • Alpine Family Medicine-Alpine
  • Mountain Empire Family Medicine-Campo
  • Escondido Family Medicine-Escondido
  • 25th Street Family Medicine-San Diego
  • Mountain Health Community Center-Campo
  • There are two new facilities opening soon:
  • Mountain Health Family Medicine-Alpine (which will replace the present Alpine facility)
  • Community Heights Family Medicine-San Diego

For additional information, contact:'
Paul Smallwood