Comp & Pension Physicals in Grand Junction, CO

Dec 30, 2016
General Practice
Position Type
Locum Tenens
We are looking for a Nurse Practitioner who is interested in working with our Nation's Veterans in Grand Junction, CO.

-  1-2 days a week in clinic
-  Reports completed after hours on home computer
-  Clinic and time on computer paid
-  Diagnostics only -- no treating or prescribing
-  Flexible schedule regarding what days for clinic -- M-F
-  Must have CO lic, BLS, at least 3 years of experience as a NP, experience in PC in the last 3 years
-  Local provider only

Please contact Wanda to discuss details for Position # 25073.

Wanda Watkins
MDA Recruiter
Toll Free: 800.741.4674 x 57019
Phone: 678.245.7019 | Fax: 678.245.7119
Medical Doctor Associates

QTC in CO - NP Doesn't need Supervising Physician  (VA Claimant review) ** must have primary care experience in the last 3 years ***  ** Supervising Physician needed ** PA  Provider will see 5 - 6ppt  Provider may spend after hours reporting on claimants and get paid in .15 minute increments
FSS - overnight reimbursment and .45 a mile 

QTC - clinic locations

8am to 5pm clinic

Must have 3 years’ experience

 16 hrs/wk. Comp & Pension evals plus provider will work from home completing charts each week could be between 12-20 more hours a week. 

 Provider must live on the west side of the pass - must live in Grand Junction to be considered. 

Stand-alone clinics, not on military base for physicians to perform compensation and pension, and pre-discharge examinations for local and regional Veterans -one-time only appointments - diagnosis only - no treatment

QTC in CO - NP Doesn't ne